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Table 1 Cases of vocal cord paralysis secondary to spontaneous carotid dissection

From: Vocal cord paralysis secondary to spontaneous internal carotid dissection: case report and systematic review of the literature

Articles Author Age Sex Side of CAD Side of VCP Diagnosis Treatment Time to recovery of vocal cord function
Vocal Cord Paralysis due to Spontaneous Internal Carotid Dissection Nguyen, T. [2011] 35 M Left Left CTA ASA 12 weeks
Tenth and Twelfth Nerve Palsies in a Patient with Internal Carotid Artery Dissection Mistaken for Cervical Mass Lesion Arnoldner, C. [2010] 52 M Left Left CTA Phen-procoumon 4 weeks
Unusual Manifestations of Bilateral Carotid Artery Dissection: Dysphagia and Hoarseness Isildak, H. [2010] 40 M Bilate-ral Left CTA Anticoagulants N/A
MRI (Not specified)
A carotid artery dissection presenting with dysphagia due to a dilation of upper oesophagus Vaes, M. [2007] 57 M Left Left MRA Heparin N/A
Doppler U/S Comuadin
“Spontaneous” Internal Carotid Artery Dissection Following Cough Induced by ACE Inhibitor Therapy Simionescu [2004] 64 M Right Right Catheter cerebral angiography ASA 12 weeks
Vocal Cord Palsy Resulting From Spontaneous Carotid Dissection Wessels, T. [2003] 43 M Right Right MRI Heparin IV N/A
Spontaneous internal carotid artery dissection with isolated vagus nerve deficit Moussouttas, M. [1998] 40 M Right Right MRI N/A N/A
Isolated Vagal Nerve Palsy Associated with a Dissection of the Extracranial Internal Carotid Artery Nusbaum, A. [1998] 40 M Right Right MRI Heparin IV 6 weeks
Lower Cranial Nerve Palsies Due to Internal Carotid Dissection Waespe, W. [1988] 41 M Bilateral Left MRI Surgical aneurysm obliteration 2 weeks
  1. Abbreviations: M, male; CAD, carotid artery dissection; VCP, vocal cord paralysis; MRA; Magnetic resonance angiography; MRI, Magnetic resonance imaging; CT scan, computed tomography scan; CTA, computed tomography angiography; U/S, Ultrasound; Dx, Method of diagnosis; Tx, Treatment; N/A, not available.