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Table 2 The inclusion, exclusion criteria and definition of FDG-PET positivity of these 7 studies

From: Is fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography useful for the thyroid nodules with indeterminate fine needle aspiration biopsy? a meta-analysis of the literature

Study Year Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria Definition of FDG-PET positivity
Kresnik [10] 2003 All patients with TN; hypoechogenic or no uptake on scintigraphy; follicular or Hürthle cell proliferation on FNAB; scheduled for surgery Autonomous goiter Focal uptake with SUV > 2
de Geus-Oei [11] 2006 Palpable TN; FNAB: a follicular neoplasm or a Hürthle cell (oncocytic) neoplasm, if they showed atypical papillary cells, or if the sample was repeatedly insufficient; scheduled for hemithyroidectomy DM; pregnancy Focal uptake
Sebastianes [12] 2007 FNAB: hypercellular follicular and oxyphilic nodules suggestive of follicular neoplasm and also includes lesions that are suspect but not diagnostic of papillary carcinoma; scheduled for hemithyroidectomy Uncontrollable DM; other malignancies; pregnancy; abnormal TSH Focal uptake
Hales [13] 2008 All patients with TN; either follicular or Hürthle cell lesion by FNAB Pregnancy; breastfeeding; previous neck surgery; >181 kg bodyweight Focal uptake with SUV >2
Smith [14] 2008 Patients with a preoperative diagnosis of follicular neoplasm by FNAB for whom surgical excision was planned None Area under SUV curve > 175.5
Traugott [15] 2010 Adults with TN or dominant TN; palpable or >1 cm on Utrasound; scheduled for surgery; FNAB: follicular lesion, Hürthle cell or oncocytic cell lesion, atypical cytology, abnormal cytology, or suspicious cytology Previous neck surgery; previous radiotherapy Focal uptake
Deandreis [16] 2012 Patient age > 18 years; TN with a diameter ≥ 1cm; FNAB: indeterminate follicular lesions DM; abnormal TSH Focal uptake
  1. TN: thyroid nodule, DM: diabetes mellitus.