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Table 5 Surgical procedures for primary tumor and ORN management

From: Osteoradionecrosis of the mandible: a case series at a single institution

Stage Tumor Primary ORN surgery Other ORN surgery
1 T3N0 soft palate N/A N/A
T2N0 retromolar trigone N/A N/A
T4N2 tonsil Local debridement N/A
T2N0 retromolar trigone Local debridement N/A
T3N0 tongue Marginal resection Local debridement, dental procedures
2 T3N0 tongue Mandibular resection, sequestrectomy Sequestrectomy
T2N1 tongue Segmental resection, FFF Iliac crest bone graft
T4N2 tonsil Segmental resection, osteocutaneous lat dorsi and parascapular free flap N/A
3 T2N2 tongue Sequestrectomy and saucerisation Mandibular resection; Re-resection, FFF, pectoralis major flap
T2N2 parotid Partial mandibulectomy, FFF RFFF
T4N1 tonsil Mandibulectomy, FFF, pectoralis major flap Iliac crest bone graft
T2N0 tonsil Mandibular resection, reconstructive plate N/A
T2N0 tonsil Segmental resection, reconstructive plate Replacement plate, iliac crest bone graft
  T2N0 buccal mucosa Marginal resection Local debridement
  1. ALT anterolateral thigh free flap, FFF fibula osteocutaneous free flap, N/A not available, ORN osteoradionecrosis, RFFF radial forearm free flap.