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Table 2 Task analysis

From: High definition video teaching module for learning neck dissection

Sequence of tasks Generic task Sub-tasks
1 Find the MM nerve 1.1 Use landmarks
1.2 Cut parallel to nerve with scalpel
1.3 Trace retrograde
2 Dissect external jugular vein from anterior border of SCM  
3 Unwrap the SCM 3.1 Grasp SCM in nondominant hand, retracting laterally
3.2 Run monopolar along edge of SCM
3.3 Roll SCM laterally
4 Identify CN XI  
5 Identify posterior belly of digastric 5.1 Identify posterior edge of submandibular gland
5.2 Identify digastric tendon using army navy and dental
5.3 Dissect superficial to the muscle in posterior direction
6 Skeletonize CN XI  
7 Expose carpet/floor of neck 7.1 Identify IJV
7.2 Dissect superior aspect of IJV
7.3 Find carpet in the lateral posterior border of jugular vein
8 Release level IIb 8.1 Monopolar or bipolar scissors to remove fibrofatty tissue from level IIB
8.2 Dunk under CN XI
9 Free nodal packet from IJV inferiorly 9.1 Identify the IJV
9.2 Dissect nodal packet free off IJV
9.3 Cut fascia posterior to jugular vein
9.4 Use dentals to sweep nodal packet superiorly
9.5 Identify phrenic
9.6 Cut omohyoid as goes into level V of neck
10 Dissect out and preserve cervical rootlets 10.1 Use 15blade and run parallel to posterior SCM
10.2 Identify cervical rootlets
10.3 Change to plane medial to rootlets
11 Identify the vagus nerve 11.1 Identify carotid sheath
11.2 Identify vagus nerve
11.3 Cut on vagus in a parallel plane
12 Free the IJV 12.1 Incise sheath over IJV
12.2 Cut parallel to “white line”
12.3 Identify and preserve any branches of IJV
13 Hypoglossal nerve 13.1 Identify hypoglossal nerve with blunt dissection or dental anterior to jugular vein
13.2 Release nodal pack superior to inferior preserving lingual vein and hypoglossal nerve
14 Dissect down to strap muscles 14.1 Identify ansa
14.2 Cut medial to ansa
14.3 Identify and preserve superior thyroid artery and veins
14.4 Continue and identify strap muscles
15 Free nodal package from straps and digastric 15.1 use monopolar cautery to free up