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Table 1 Alternate Payment Plans in Canada [[25]]

From: Physician payment methods: a focus on quality and cost control

Alternate Payment Plan Description % of total APPs in Canada Provinces
Block Funding Used by specialty groups in academic centres 22% Ontario and Nova Scotia
Blended Typically Salary plus FFS 16% Predominantly in Quebec
Capitation Predominantly in PCP practices 16% Concentrated in Ontario
On-Call On-call stipends in addition to FFS 12% Common in most Provinces
Salary Predominantly in rural areas 11% Newfoundland and Labrador and Northwest Territories
Contract Service contract related payments 11% Concentrated in British Columbia
Sessional Hourly payment for community physicians who work part time 8% Most Provinces
Northern incentives Working in rural northern communities 4% Concentrated in Ontario and British Columbia
  1. FFS, Fee for service; PCP, primary care physicians; APP, alternative payment plan.