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Fig. 4

From: Surgeon-performed ultrasound guided fine-needle aspirate biopsy with report of learning curve; a consecutive case-series study

Fig. 4

Eventual adequacy rate over time of all UG-FNABs divided by year. This double bar graph represents the breakdown of patients who eventually received a diagnostic UG-FNAB, regardless of the number of biopsies, and those who never had a diagnostic UG-FNAB. The 289 patients were divided into the years they received their biopsy; with 17 diagnostic and 7 non-diagnostic in 2010; 47 diagnostic and 12 non-diagnostic in 2011; 56 diagnostic and 6 non-diagnostic in 2012; 30 diagnostic and 5 non-diagnostic in 2013; 35 diagnostic and 4 non-diagnostic in 2014; and 66 diagnostic and 4 non-diagnostic in 2015

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