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Table 4 Breakdown of unexpected pathological diagnoses by individual studies

From: The usefulness of routine histopathology of bilateral nasal polyps – a systematic review, meta-analysis, and cost evaluation

Studies: Unexpected pathological diagnosis (benign): Unexpected pathological diagnosis (malignant):
Yeh et al. 2014 4 inverted papilloma None
Yaman et al. 2011 None None
Arslan et al. 2010 None None
Romashko et al. 2005 None None
Busaba et al. 2005 5 inverted papilloma 1 adenocarcinoma
1 chronic invasive fungal sinusitis 1 squamous cell carcinoma
1 sinonasal sarcoidosis
Garavello et al. 2005 7 inverted papilloma 1 adenocarcinoma