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Table 2 Rescue of gastric pull up necrosis following pharyngo-esophagectomy

From: Management algorithm for failed gastric pull up reconstruction of laryngopharyngectomy defects: case report and review of the literature

Author year Patients (N) Rescue method Outcome
Bardini [15] -1995 10 8 patients: resection of the necrosis, temporary cervical diversion and delayed reanastomosis;
1 patient: colonic interposition;
1 patient: jejunal free transfer
Four deaths as a result of necrosis
Wei [38] -1998 1 Initially salvaged by controlled pharyngostomy and gastrotomy Carotid blow out and death
Triboulet [25] -2001 2 Temporary cervical diversion, tubed radial forearm flap
Temporary cervical diversion, deltopectoralis myocutaneous flap
Tong [49] -2011 3 Debridement of necrotic stomach and staged reconstruction with pectoralis major myocutaneous flap Survived
  1. – : no information