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Table 5 Frequency and percentage of hemi- and completion thyroidectomy operations in patients with one or two USFNA diagnostic studies, and a score of B3 or B4 on the initial USFNA

From: The role of repeat fine needle aspiration in the management of indeterminate thyroid nodules

Diagnostic study Hemi-thyroidectomy, n (%) Completion thyroidectomy, n (%) Total number of operated cases
p-USFNA (B3 or B4) 121 (47.45) 16 (6.27) 255
p-USFNA (B3 or B4) + r-USFNA 36 (37.50) 3 (3.12) 96
  1. Abbreviations: p-USFNA primary fine-needle aspiration, r-USFNA Repeat fine-needle aspiration, B3 Bethesda score III, B4 Bethesda score IV