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Table 1 Search strategy of the risks and benefits of adenotonsillectomy for obstructive sleep apnea

From: Decision aid prototype development for parents considering adenotonsillectomy for their children with sleep disordered breathing

Database Search termsa Number of results
PubMed Search obstructive sleep apnea Filters: Guideline; Systematic Reviews; Meta-Analysis; Child: birth-18 years 117
Embase ‘obstructive sleep apnea’/exp OR ‘obstructive sleep apnea’ AND ([adolescent]/lim OR [child]/lim) AND ([cochrane review]/lim OR [systematic review]/lim OR [meta analysis]/lim) 46
Cochrane library “obstructive sleep apnea” AND “children” AND “treatment” 7 (Cochrane articles)
4 (Reviews)
National guidelines clearinghouse “obstructive sleep apnea” AND “children” AND “treatment” 25
  1. aLiterature search done on July 18, 2014