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Table 4 Feedback from Providers and Parents (Cycle 2)

From: Decision aid prototype development for parents considering adenotonsillectomy for their children with sleep disordered breathing

Domain Changes suggested n Sample quotes/Edits
Comprehensibility None 4  
  Minor 1 “Could there be a question asking: I am worried that these symptoms are impacting my child’s overall health or quality of life… it might be helpful to understand how severe the parents feel the problem is currently…”
Acceptability None 4 “I definitely would have wanted it at consult especially the values.”
  Minor 1 “The only thing that I don’t see on here … about fever after the fact because that was the one thing that I had to call back about … maybe there should be a section to show post- surgery what to expect.”
Feasibility None 5 Will have a positive flow “give the family a sense of protocol, visually gives the impression of both options in specific circumstances”.
“This aid may help make the informed consent process more complete…for others with significant decision conflict this may make the encounter more efficient.”
“…may increase the length of visit for some patients- particularly if there is NO decision conflict and the parents already have their mind made up regarding a decision prior to the consultation…”
Desirability None 4 “I like the images showing the percentages for specific risks, making this appear more granular for the parents. It accurately and succinctly gives the pros and cons of surgery versus watchful waiting.”
  Minor 1 “I probably would have used something brighter … even have two different colors for waiting and surgery, so they don’t look like you’re reading across the same information”.