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Table 5 Feedback from Design Professionals (Cycle 3)

From: Decision aid prototype development for parents considering adenotonsillectomy for their children with sleep disordered breathing

Domain Changes suggested N (%) Sample quotes/edits
Comprehensibility None 3  
Acceptability None 3  
Feasibility None 3  
Desirability Minor 3 “use space and type size more effectively”
“the voice and tense should be the same for all”
“The colour yellow used in the original version … can impede performance and use of some types of writing instruments pencils and ball point pens.”
“The red fraction should be at the top of the figure”
Correct alignment to “support a professional and credible look to your document and therefore detracts from its content.”
Revise version date to be less obvious (so over time does not look outdated). Move funding logos to the back.
Change visual analog line for values to response bubbles.
Revised back panel to provide a more cohesive flow to the pamphlet allowing the surgical risks to be viewed more readily and placing the funding source on this page.