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Table 4 Cost comparison of TORS vs mandibulotomy and radial forearm free flap reconstruction

From: Transoral robotic surgery with radial forearm free flap reconstruction: case control analysis

Items TORS Mandibulotomy
Surgical instrumentsa
 Robotic arms (x2) $ 1109.72 -
 Robotic drapes $ 469.67 -
 Plates and screws - $ 1072.58
 Saw blades and tubing - $ 693.53
Physician billingsb $ 181.19 $ 235.25
Surgical ward stay (mean) $ 16,761.6 $ 22,930.8
Totals $ 18, 522.18 $ 24,932.16
  1. Cost shown per case in Canadian dollars. Operating time and intensive care unit stays were not statistically different between both groups and is not shown in the analysis
  2. aOnly surgical items that are different between both cases are included. Cost of non-disposable items such as the Da Vinci robotic system (purchased prior to the study for non-head and neck robotic surgery) and drills/saws are not included
  3. bIncludes only billings that are different between both cases, for anesthesia and surgeon codes as per the 2014–2016 Alberta Health Services Schedule of Medical Benefits