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Table 1 Summary of included articles

From: The palisade cartilage tympanoplasty technique: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Authors Type of Article Number of Patients Total (Palisade) Comparators Mean Age (Range) Follow-up in months (Range) Level of Evidence (Oxford Scale of Evidence) Size of Defect
Khan et al. [14] Retrospective cohort study 390(223) Temporalis fascia (11–57) 24 and 48 months III Both small and large
Kazikdas et al. [12] Retrospective cohort study 51(23) Temporalis fascia 27.6 Mean 18.7 months (7–33) III Subtotal perforations (perforation >50% of the whole TM)
Shishegar et al. [15] Prospective cohort study 54(27) Temporalis fascia 30 6 months II Subtotal perforations
Vashishth et al. [17] Retrospective cohort study 90(30) Temporalis fascia 24 12 months III Total/near total perforations excluded from fascia group, included in palisade
Demirpehlivan et al. [16] Retrospective cohort study 120(19) -Temporalis fascia
-Tragal perichondrium
(15–64) Minimum 12 months III Subtotal perforations