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Table 2 Wilcoxon rank sum test for power transmission ratio comparison between healthy ET and PET groups

From: Transmission of a novel sonotubometry acoustic click stimulus in healthy and patulous eustachian tube subjects: a retrospective case -control study

  Median difference 95% CI p
Healthy ET BaseR vs. PET BaseR 1.05 (0.39 to 2.11) 0.003
Healthy ET PeakR vs. PET PeakR 3.84 (0.57 to 4.63) 0.003
Healthy ET BaseR vs. Healthy PeakR 0.51 (0.12 to 1.20) 0.004
PET BaseR vs. PET PeakR 3.30 (0.083 to 4.48) 0.041