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Table 1 Five Key Shifts in the approach to care for people living with and beyond cancer

From: Paradigm shift in head and neck oncology patient management

• A cultural shift in the approach to care and support for people affected by cancer to a greater focus on recovery, health and well-being after cancer treatment
• A shift towards assessment, information & personalised care planning
• A shift towards support for self-management, from a clinically led approach to follow-up care to supported self-management, based on individual needs and preferences and with the appropriate clinical assessment, support and treatment
• A shift from a single model of clinical follow up to tailored support that enables early recognition of and preparation for the consequences of treatment as well as early recognition of signs and symptoms of further disease
• A shift from an emphasis on measuring clinical activity to a new emphasis on measuring experience and outcomes for cancer survivors through routine use of patient reported outcome measures in after care services