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Table 1 Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

From: Smartphone adapters for flexible Nasolaryngoscopy: a systematic review

Inclusion Criteria
 Population Endoscopy performed by Otolaryngology residents/ physicians
Adult or pediatric patients
 Intervention Use of smartphone adapters for flexible nasolaryngoscopy
 Comparator Endoscopy tower video recordings of flexible nasolaryngoscopy, or no recording
 Outcome Patient satisfaction
Patient care
Trainee learning
Video quality
Diagnostic accuracy
 Study Design Randomized and non-randomized comparative studies, retrospective and prospective cohort studies, case series
Published in English language
Exclusion Criteria
 Population Non-Otolaryngology-trained residents/ physicians
 Intervention Endoscopy other than flexible nasolaryngoscopy
No use of smartphone adapters
 Comparator NA
 Outcome No reported outcomes
 Study Design Single case reports
Case series with N < 10
Non-English language