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Table 2 Included study characteristics

From: Smartphone adapters for flexible Nasolaryngoscopy: a systematic review

Study name Year Type of Study Patients (N) Exams recorded with endoscope adapter (N) Exams recorded with endoscopy video tower (N) Scope operator trainee level Model of scope adapter Model of endoscopy video tower Model of smartphone Safety/ Privacy measures
Liu H et al.. 2016 Prospective cohort 30 30 30 Staff, residents (all levels) ClearScope (Clearwater Clinical Limited, Ottawa, Canada) KayPentax (HOYA Corporation, Pentax Lifecare Division, Tokyo, Japan) iPhone (Apple, Cupertino, CA) Modica (Clearwater Clinical Limited, Ottawa, Canada)
Liu YF et al 2016 Prospective cohort 43 43 0 Residents (PGY-1, −2) ClearScope NA NA NA
Lozada et al 2017 Prospective cohort 79 79 0 Residents (PGY-1) Mobile Optyx (MobileOptyx, Philadelphia, PA) NA iPhone Dedicated team iPhone