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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of patients

From: Successful ventilation through a Rüsch intubation guide catheter in severe laryngotracheal stenosis

  Patient 1 Patient 2
Age 75 40
Gender Female Female
Weight, height (BMIa) 69 Kg, 165 cm (25.3) 63 Kg, 168 cm (22.3)
History of surgery Thyroidectomy Uterine cancer surgery
LTSb anteroposterior diameter on CT-scan 7.0 mm 5.2 mm
LTS distance under vocals cords 3 cm 1.5 cm
NYHAc status Grade III Grade III
Stridor Clearly audible Clearly audible
Respiratory function tests Limitation in expiratory flow Limitation in expiratory flow
  1. aBody mass index. bLaryngotracheal stenosis. cNew York Heart Association