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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of the patients with intra-tympanic membrane hemorrhage

From: Hemorrhage within the tympanic membrane without perforation

No. Sex/Age Side Cause Ear symptoms Underlying diseases
1 M/19 Left Head trauma (occipital area) Left tinnitus, ear fullness, otalgia, vertigo None
2 M/33 Left Head trauma (left zygomaticomaxillary area) Left otalgia, tinnitus, ear fullness None
3 M/51 Left Barotrauma (SCUBA diving) Left severe otalgia, ear fullness None
4 M/30 Both Barotrauma (SCUBA diving) Both otalgia, ear fullness Warfarin medication due to previous aortic valve replacement surgery
5 F/35 Both Epistaxis Both mild ear fullness None