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Table 2 Fine Needle Aspirate results

From: Secretory carcinoma: the eastern Canadian experience and literature review

Patient FNA Result
001 Benign appearing with appearance of oncocytes and lymphocytes suggestive of Warthin’s Tumor
002 Few groups of epithelioid cells in a background of lymphocytes suggestive of Warthin’s Tumor
003 No FNA performed
004 Mildly atypical cells arranged singly and in sheets with abundant, vacuolated, finely granular cytoplasm suggestive of acinic cell carcinoma vs oncocytic neoplasm
005 Suspicious for malignancy
006 No FNA performed
007 Negative for malignancy
008 No FNA performed
009 No FNA performed
010 Sheets of atypical cells with focally glandular spaces, suggestive of adenocarcinoma vs acinic cell carcinoma vs salivary duct carcinoma
011 Abnormal appearance, suggestive of papillary cystadenoma vs intraductal papilloma, cannot exclude low grade mucoepidermoid
012 Equivocal S100 staining, positive for vimentin and CK7; negative for TTF-1, thyroglobulin, and CD10; suggestive of adenocarcinoma
013 Few malignant cells, positive for AE1 and AE3; negative for LCA and S100; suggestive of poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma