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Table 4 Clinical history, treatment, and complications

From: Secretory carcinoma: the eastern Canadian experience and literature review

Patient Clinical History Treatment Complications
001 84 years old; Not recorded Submandibular gland excision Right marginal mandibular nerve weakness
002 72 years old; Two to three months of gradually increasing parotid mass Parotidectomy Transient facial nerve weakness
003 54 years old; Ulcerative lesion posterior to last molar on right maxilla with large odontogenic cyst Partial maxillectomy, partial soft palate excision, selective neck dissection (Levels II-III), radial forearm free flap, split thickness skin graftAdjuvant radiotherapy (60Gy in 30 fractions) Minor radiation toxicities
004 55 years old; Ten year history of firm, superficial, round mass in the preauricular area on the left side, increasing in size, with mild ternderness on jaw clench Superficial parotidectomy, selective neck dissection (level IIA), sternocleidomastoid rotational flap Mild xerostomia
005 44 years old; Parotid mass present for more than one year Superficial parotidectomyAdjuvant radiotherapy None
006 65 years old; Six month history of subcutaneous parotid nodule, stable in size and nontender Excision of mass, followed by:Superficial parotidectomy, selective neck dissection (Level II) None
007 6 years old; Fourth month history of stable preauricular mass Superficial right parotidectomy, selective neck dissection (Level IIA)Adjuvant radiotherapy (60 Gy)Left superficial parotidectomy Radiation dermatitis
008 43 years old; Slowly growing lesion on lower lip mucosa with central ulceration, present for over one year Excisional biopsy followed by wide local excision None
009 27 years old; Slowly growing papillomatous lesion of the hard palate for five years Local excision None
010 78 years old; Six month history of slowly growing parotid mass with intermittent sharp, stabbing pain Subtotal parotidectomy, selective neck dissection (Level II to IV) None
011 22 years old; Two year history of fluctuating parotid lump Superficial parotidectomy None
012 72 years old; Three month history of parotid tail or high cervical mass Parotidectomy, selective neck dissectionAdjuvant radiotherapy (56 Gy in 33 fractions) Pain, lymphedema
013 48 years old; Parapharyngeal space involvement, including pterygoid muscles Transmandibular resection of parapharyngeal mass, subtotal parotidectomy, selective neck dissectionAdjuvant radiotherapy (70 Gy in 35 fractions) Sacrifice of glossopharyngeal nerve, orocutaneous fistula, eustachian tube scarring requiring tympanostomy, esophageal stenosis requiring dilatation, velopharyngeal insufficiency requiring pharyngoplasty with Radiesse, radiation associated toxicities