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Table 5 Thematic analysis of open-ended questions regarding ideal and non-ideal attributes of teachings

From: Perioperative Teaching and Feedback: How are we doing in Canadian OTL-HNS programs?

IDEAL n = 42 n = 55  
Provides feedback 48 20 “Combination of positive and negative feedback given”
Allows graded autonomy 29 25 “Acting simply as an assist to allow you to act / think as primary surgeon”
Demonstrates patience 38 38 “Allows the resident time to think, and enough time to attempt a part of a surgery”
Supportive 20 22 “Allows residents to push themselves to develop independence and comfort”
NOT IDEAL n = 36 n = 46  
Impatient 42 28 “Impatience if case going slowly”
Takes over too quickly 36 28 “Takes over from the resident too quickly without allowing them to work to a solution and thus learn”
Inadequate or untimely feedback 33 17 “Non-specific, delayed feedback”
Intimidating/Overly Critical 17 30 “Critical in front of other OR staff”