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Table 1 Decongestants used by the respondent in ESS. Many respondents use more than one agent

From: Contemporary decongestant practices of Canadian otolaryngologists for endoscopic sinus surgery

  Number of Respondentsa Percentage of Total
Epinephrine (any preparation) 63 66%
Epinephrine (isolated) 60 63%
Xylometazoline 44 46%
Oxymetazoline 35 36%
Cocaine (any preparation) 26 27%
Cocaine (isolated) 22 23%
Moffett’s Solution 6 6%
Other 4 4%
Phenylephrine 1 1%
  1. aRespondents who use Moffett’s solution (Cocaine + Epinephrine) were counted in the rows “Cocaine (any preparation)” and “Epinephrine (any preparation)”, respectively, with redundancies subtracted. One respondent responding “Other” commented that they do not perform ESS