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Table 4 Construct of F-SCHNOS-O

From: Translation, cultural adaptation and validation of the SCHNOS in French

Method Value    
Root mean squared residual (RMR) 0.03    
Goodness of fit index (GFI) 0.99    
Adjusted goodness of fit index (AGFI) 0.93    
Parsimony goodness of fit index (PGFI) 0.10    
Bentler-Bonett normed fit index (NFI) 1.00    
Bollen’s relative fit index (RFI) 0.98    
Bollen’s incremental fit index (IFI) 1.00    
Tucker-Lewis coefficient (TLI) 0.99    
Bentler’s comparative fit index (CFI) 1.00    
Parsimony ratio (PRATIO) 0.17    
Parsimony adjustment to the NFI (PNFI) 0.17    
Parsimony adjustment to the CFI (PCFI) 0.17    
Akaike information criterion (AIC) 20    
Browne-Cudeck criterion (BCC) 21    
Bayes information criterion (BIC) 47    
Bozdogan’s consistent AIC (CAIC) 56    
Hoelter’s ‘critical N’ for a significance level of .05 (HOELTER .05) 272    
Hoelter’s ‘critical N’ for a significance level of .01 (HOELTER .01) 469    
Method Value 90% CI  
Noncentrality parameter (NCP) 1.0 0.0 9.4  
Minimum value of the discrepancy (FMIN) 0.01 0.0 0.07  
Root mean squared error of approximation (RMSEA) 0.08 0.0 0.26  
Except for a constant scale factor (ECVI) 0.14 0.13 0.2  
Method Value DF p-value CMIN/DF
Minimized value of the discrepancy function (CMIN) 2.0 1 0.16 2.0
  1. Tests of the goodness of fit used. All figures are shown for the default model fit