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Table 1 Studies from Literature Review and Diagnostic Properties

From: Cost-comparison analysis of diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DWMRI) versus second look surgery for the detection of residual and recurrent cholesteatoma

StudyDWMRI Type (EPI vs. non-EPI)Patients included (n)SensitivitySpecificity
Pizzini et al., 2010 [11]Non-EPI111.001.00
Huins et al., 2010 [12]Non-EPI180.861.00
Rajan et al., 2010 [13]Non-EPI151.001.00
Plouin-Gaudon et al., 2010 [14]Non-EPI210.620.88
Lehmann et al., 2009 [15]Non-EPI101.000.50
Dhepnorrarat et al., 2009 [16]Non-EPI231.001.00
Dubrulle et al., 2006 [10]Non-EPI241.000.91
Cimsit et al., 2010 [17]EPI261.000.93
Jindal et al., 2010 [18]EPI350.830.82
Venail et al., 2008 [19]EPI310.600.73
Toyama et al., 2015 [20]EPI170.920.60
Jeunen et al., 2008 [21]EPI320.550.90
Vercruysse et al., 2006 [22]EPI450.131.00
Stasolla et al., 2004 [23]EPI180.861.00
Aikele et al., 2003 [24]EPI170.771.00