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Table 2 Previous studies on the change in QOL after inferior turbinate surgery using validated instruments

From: The impact of bilateral endoscopic inferior turbinoplasty with or without adenoidectomy on the quality of life of children: a retrospective case series study

 DesignNInterventionFollow-up (months)QOL Measures
Langille 2011 [7]Retrospective46ITa ± Ad3–38GCBI
Montgomery 2011 [5]Retrospective47Submucosal diathermy35–73GCBI
Simeon 2010 [4]Prospective9Coblation reduction1–6PRQLQ
Manzi 2017 [8]Retrospective43ITa1–24SN-5
  1. GCBI Glasgow Children’s Benefit Inventory. PRQLQ Pediatric and Adolescent Rhinoconjunctivitis Quality of Life Questionnaire. SN-5 Sinus and Nasal QOL Survey
  2. aMicrodebrider-assisted submucosal reduction with outfracturing