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Table 4 Most Important finding indicating need for Functional Rhinoplasty

From: Diagnosis and management of septal deviation and nasal valve collapse - a survey of Canadian otolaryngologists

Collapse on Inspiration4248.8%3266.7%844.4%210.0%
Cottle Maneuver67.0%48.3%00.0%210.0%
Modified Cottle22.3%24.2%00.0%00.0%
Static Narrow Nasal Valve89.3%00.0%211.1%630.0%
Severe Nasal Symptoms1214.0%612.5%211.1%420.0%
Location of Septal Deviation44.7%24.2%211.1%00.0%
Intra-op findings22.3%00.0%00.0%210.0%
Failure of Septoplasty44.7%00.0%422.2%00.0%
No Answer67.0%24.2%00.0%420.0%