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Table 6 Stratifying by speciality

From: Diagnosis and management of septal deviation and nasal valve collapse - a survey of Canadian otolaryngologists

Surgeons who perform Septoplasties86 48 18 20 > 0.9
Physicians Performing Surgery of the Nasal valve64 28 18 18 0.33
Number of Septoplasties / year71.260.754.443.9109.481.846.359.50.004
Number of nasal valve surgeries /year18.417.
Percentage of Patients with a SD who also have nasal valve collapse25.417.825.625.626.716.823.813.10.625
Percentage of patients with a SD and NVC requiring a functional rhinoplasty35.329.731.831.845.639.233.528.10.844
Failure Rate of Septoplasty in patient with co-morbid Valve Collapse (no valve surgery performed)33.724.834.734.744.126.317.811.00.012