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Table 8 Most Common Cause of Septoplasty Failure

From: Diagnosis and management of septal deviation and nasal valve collapse - a survey of Canadian otolaryngologists

n% of Totaln% of Totaln% of Totaln% of Total
Inadequate Septoplasty3641.92245.8844.4630.0
Nasal Valve Collapse2225.61020.8633.3630.0
Mucosal Obstruction (Turbinates/Allergies)67.048.300.0210.0
Caudal Septal Deviation67.000.0422.200.0
Maxillary Crest Spur44.724.200.0210.0
Unrealistic Expectations22.336.300.000.0
Recurrance of Deviation22.312.100.0210.0