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Table 2 Baseline Cohort Demographics

From: Evaluating the effectiveness of adjuvant radiotherapy in addition to surgery versus surgery alone at improving oncologic outcomes for early stage buccal carcinoma: a systematic review

Study nameNAge (Median, years)N Early Stage I + II buccal CAN Advanced Stage (III+ IV) Buccal CAN Surgery (Early-stage)N Surgery + Radiation (Early-stage)Margin PositivityPerineural / Lymphovascular Invasion PresentRadiation Dose
Jenwitheesuk et al.10767139493NANANA
Lin et al.1825144772215NANAMedian 67.2 Gy (13.2–87 Gy)
Dixit et al.17647681085612NS between groupsNARange 28–60 Gy
Chaudhary et al.2915535256131NANA50–60 Gy
Pop et al.38NA172161NANA40–70 Gy
  1. CA Cancer
  2. NA Unknown
  3. NS Non-significant