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Table 4 Included Study Characteristics

From: Evaluating the effectiveness of adjuvant radiotherapy in addition to surgery versus surgery alone at improving oncologic outcomes for early stage buccal carcinoma: a systematic review

Study nameYearType of StudyCountryOutcome MeasureAdjusted Outcome (Y/N)Length of follow-upNOS Score
Jenwitheesuk et al. [12]2010Retrospective CohortThailandCrude OS; HR’sN5 years7
Lin et al. [6]2006Retrospective CohortChinaCrude OS; adjusted HR’sYMedian 37.1 mo (5.5–189.5)8
Dixit et al.[13]1998Retrospective CohortIndiaCrude LRR; adjusted HR’sYMedian 32 mo (7–72)5
Chaudhary et al. [14]1989Retrospective CohortIndiaCrude LRRN2 years7
Pop et al.1989Retrospective CohortNetherlandsCrude LRRN5 years7
  1. OS Overall survival
  2. HR Hazard ratio
  3. NOS Newcastle-Ottawa Scale