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Table 6 Open-ended feedback from otolaryngologists and resident trainees

From: Assessment of a virtual reality temporal bone surgical simulator: a national face and content validity study

Open-ended question summary
Questions Resident Trainees Attending Surgeons
Advantages of CardinalSim Learning anatomy, teaching anatomy, patient-specific practice Reduce cadaveric laboratory costs, teaching residents
(emphasis on junior), patient-specific drilling
Limitations of CardinalSim Ergonomics, haptics, lack of soft tissue structures (blood, fascia, skin, muscles) Haptics, no simulation of blood, ergonomics
Role in patient consent and education Generally agree with potential role Mixed response
Timing / location of pre-operative drilling 24–48 h before OR / Clinic 24–48 h before OR / Clinic
Potential benefits of CardinalSim Increased confidence, reduced OR times, reduced complications Reduced OR time, reduced complicatons