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Table 5 Multivariate linear model for variables predicting patient delay, primary health-care delay, specialist delay, and total delay

From: Factors influencing patient and health care delays in Oropharyngeal Cancer

 Patient delayPrimary health-care delaySpecialist delay
Geometric mean95% CIP valueGeometric mean95% CIP valueGeometric mean95% CIP value
History of smoking
 Never smoked      60.847.877.50.145
 Former smoker      48.939.860.1 
 Current smoker      44.432.461.0 
 Currently employed or studying34.510.8110.30.146      
 Unemployed or retired61.925.0153.2       
 Anterior wall   10.32.837.80.143   
 Lateral wall   5.61.619.4    
T Class, 7th and 8th UICC editions
N class, 8th UICC edition
 N0      52.439.669.10.727
 N+      49.641.858.8 
Stage, 7th UICC edition
p16 status
 Positive      53.743.067.10.544
 Negative      48.337.162.9 
Histological grade
Number of different symptoms
 Three or more88.931.9247.9       
Initial place of visit
 GP, dentist, or hospital emergency   
 Private otolaryngologist    
Was a follow-up visit scheduled?
 No   5.01.615.80.119   
 Yes   11.42.749.0    
Number of health-care visits before referral to specialist care
 One< 0.001**   
 Two   10.62.742.0    
 Three or more    
Appointment at another hospital
 No      47.940.257.10.343
 Yes      54.242.469.2 
Treatment modality
 Surgery with or without (C)RT      46.637.258.40.141
  (C)RT      55.646.067.4 
Treatment intent
 Palliative78.614.7420.7 3.90.530.9    
  1. Bonferroni-corrected P values: *, One vs three or more P < 0.081; **, One vs two P value 0.007, one vs three or more P < 0.002
  2. GP general physician, (C) RT (chemo)radiotheraphy