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Table 6 Symptom Incidence by Surgical Subsite Explored

From: Long-term symptom control following resection of cervical lymphatic malformations: a case series

Surgical SubsiteRednessSwellingPain
No submandibular gland excision21/3527/3514/35
Submandibular gland excision7/87/84/8
 p = 0.2p = 1p = 0.7
No floor of mouth excision17/2922/2913/29
Floor of mouth excision11/1412/145/14
 p = 0.3p = 0.7p = 0.7
No parapharyngeal space exploration13/1914/199/19
Parapharyngeal space exploration15/2420/249/24
 p = 0.8p = 0.5p = 0.5
  1. Common surgical subsites explored with associated postoperative symptoms. There was no significant association between extent of surgery involving these subsites and symptom outcomes. Fisher’s exact test used for comparisons