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Table 3 Characteristics of included studies on endoscopic sinonasal and anterior skull base surgery

From: Clinical evidence based review and recommendations of aerosol generating medical procedures in otolaryngology – head and neck surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic

Author, yearStudy DesignLevel of EvidenceSubjects (n)Study GroupsStudy outcomesConclusionDirectness of evidence
Workman et al. 2020 [13]Experimental studyN/AN/ACadaversVisual inspection of number of fluorescein droplets generated by nasal endoscopy, endonasal surgery with and without microdebrider and high-speed drillHigh-speed drill can generate high airflow velocities and aerosolization. Nasal endoscopy and endonasal procedures, including the use of microdebrider do not exhibit any features of AGMPs and has a lower risk of aerosol generationIndirect