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Table 2 Summary of Personal Protective Equipment levels for Health Care Workers during COVID-19 Pandemic

From: Guidance for otolaryngology health care workers performing aerosol generating medical procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic

Level 1 PPELevel 2 PPELevel 3 PPE
Surgical maskN95/FFP2PAPR or N95/FFP2 + surgical mask
GownbWater impermeable gownGowns:
1. coverall +gowna
2. water impermeable gown
GlovesDouble glovesDouble gloves
Face shield / gogglesbGoggles / face shieldGoggles + (face shield)
Head cover (optional)Head cover, including neck protectionHead cover, including neck protection
  1. aCoverall with integrated hood and boots is preferred over gown with separate boot and leg covers and head-neck cover, since it reduces the risk of self-contamination during doffing and will provide optimal protection. A single layer surgical water impermeable gown (AAMI level 4), with a surgical hood or PAPR, and separate boot and leg covers, will provide a similar level of protection. If surgical hoods and PAPRs are not available or cannot be used during the procedure, a surgical gown (AAMI level 4) with properly fitting head and neck cover and goggles will provide adequate protection. Coveralls have to be used in conjunction with a second sterile surgical gown, when used during surgery
  2. bGown and face shield/goggles are recommended when providing direct patient care to COVID-19 patients and optional for in office non-AGMPs in negative or low risk patients, and only advised if there is a risk of fluid spread