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Table 1 Patient Characteristics

From: 33% hydrogen peroxide as a Neoadjuvant treatment in the surgical excision of non-melanoma skin cancers: a case series

Subject NumberSexAgeInitial PathologySiteLength (mm)Width (mm)
1Male67BCCUpper Back2015
2Female71BCCAnterior Scalp1615
3Female82BCCR Alar Rim45
R neck106
Upper Back88
4Male87BCCR shoulder103
R neck1010
L arm810
5Male86SCCL Temple2839
BCCR Cheek78
6Female64SCCL Forehead2527
L Cheek2821
7Male73BCCRight Antihelix1310
8Male69BCCR Nasal Sidewall85
9Female84SCCL Temple3830