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Table 2 Literature Review

From: North American survey and systematic review on caudal Septoplasty

Author, yearSurgical TechniqueNumber of casesOutcome evaluation methods
Aboul Wafa. 2017 [10]Swinging Door; Grafting18CQ; PA
Akduman, D., et al. 2014 [11]Swinging Door36PA
Calderon-Cuellar, L. T., et al. 2004 [12]Suturing; Scoring25CE; RM; CQ
Chung, Y. S., et al. 2014 [13]Swinging Door; Grafting39CE; E; AR; VAS; CQ
Constantine, F. C., et al. 2014 [8]Swinging Door; Grafting2PA
Dyer, W. K. et al. 2000 [14]Swinging Door; Grafting36CE; CQ; PA
Garcia, L. B., et al. 2001Grafting10CE; AR; NOSE; PA
Giacomini, P., et al. 2010 [15]Grafting; Scoring15CE; RM; NOSE; PA
Indeyeva, Y. A., et al. 2017 [16]Suturing; Other148HPI
Jang, Y. J., et al. 2009 [17]Grafting45E; VAS
Kamami, Y. V. 1997 [18]Other120CE; E; AR; CQ
Kamami, Y. V., et al. 2000 [9]Other703CE; E; AR; CQ
Karadavut, Y., et al. 2017 [19]Grafting20CE; AR; NOSE; ROE
Kayabasoglu, G., et al. 2015 [20]Extracorporeal45CE; NOSE; PA
Kim, D. Y., et al. 2017 [21]Grafting141E; NOSE; CQ
Kim, J. H., et al. 2011 [22]Grafting; Scoring56VAS; CQ
Koch, C. A., et al. 2011 [23]Extracorporeal; Grafting10CQ; PA; Other
Lee, J. W., et al. 2013 [3]Grafting66CE; CQ; PA
Loyo, M., et al. 2017 [24]Extracorporeal71NOSE; PA
Metzinger, S. E., et al. 1994 [25]Swinging Door; Grafting10CE; CQ; PA
Most, S. P. 2006 [26]Extracorporeal; Grafting12NOSE; PA
Murrell, G. et al. 2000 [27]Extracorporeal10CE; PA
Sedwick, J. D., et al. 2005 [28]Swinging Door62PA
Shin, J. H., et al. 2011 [29]Swinging Door; Suturing40AR; VAS
Surowitz, J., et al. 2015 [30]Extracorporeal77NOSE; VAS
Yaniv, D., et al. 2017 [31]Extracorporeal; Scoring63CE; E; ROE; SNOT-16
  1. CQ Custom questionnaire, PA Photographic analysis, CE Clinical examination, E Endoscopy, HPI History of present illness, RM Rhinomanometry, AR Acoustic rhinometry, VAS Visual assessment scale, NOSE Nasal Obstruction Symptom Evaluation, ROE: rhinoplasty outcome evaluation, SNOT-16 SinoNasal Outcome Test-16