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Table 3 Average preoperative and post-operative NOSE scores

From: North American survey and systematic review on caudal Septoplasty

AuthorSurgical TechniqueNumber of casesPreoperative NOSE scorePostoperative NOSE score
Garcia, L. B., et al.Grafting1082.77.4
Giacomini, P., et al. [15]Grafting; Scoring1557.4*23.7a
Karadavut, Y., et al. [19]Grafting2064.012.0
Kayabasoglu, G., et al. [20]Extracorporeal4585.0*25.0a
Kim, D. Y., et al. [21]Grafting14170.528.7
Loyo, M., et al. [24]Extracorporeal7172.324.0
Most, S. P [26].Extracorporeal; Grafting1276.612.9
Surowitz, J., et al. [30]Extracorporeal7768.221.1
  1. aNOSE scores had to be recalculated because they were not reported according to standard NOSE score calculation within each article