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Table 2 Intergroup KPI comparisons

From: The impact of a quality management program for patients undergoing head and neck resection with free-flap reconstruction: longitudinal study examining sustainability

CharacteristicBaseline (n = 61)Early pathway (n = 55)Current pathway (n = 333)*p-value
Time to Mobilization (mean days (sd))4.7 (3.8)2.5 (0.85)2.4 (2.8)0.001
Time to Decannulation (mean days (sd))13.8 (9.4)8.2 (3.1)8.6 (5.2)0.001
Length of Stay (mean days (sd))21.6 (17.1)14.2 (7.1)14 (11.6)0.001
  1. *ANOVA comparison to baseline. There were no differences between early and current pathway