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Table 1 Demographic characteristic of patients between the groups

From: Endoscopic myringoplasty: comparison of double layer cartilage-perichondrium graft and single fascia grafting

 double layer graft groupfascia graft groupP value
Sex (F:M)39:2842:250.891a
Age (years)34.6 ± 1.3035.0 ± 2.070.537b
Location of perforation (Central vs Marginal)41:2645:230.672a
Marginal perforation (Antero-: Postero-: İnfero-)13:9:411:7:50.838a
Size of perfortion (subtotal: large:Medium)13:20:3411:25:310.729a
Side of ear (L:R)35:3237:300.962a
Myringosclerosis (Y:N)17:5011:560.288a
Status of non-operated ear (contralateral perforation or OME:N)3: 641: 660.611a
Smoking status (Y:N)12:559:580.634a
Presence of diabetes (Y:N)2:654:630.676a
Elevation of the tympanomeatal flap (Y:N)0:6736:310.001a
Average operating time (minutes)36.4 ± 3.862.7 ± 4.20.001b
Mean follow-up period (months)20.2 ± 1.921.3 ± 2.60.873b
  1. aChi-square test
  2. bIndependent Samples Test