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Table 4 Associations between outcomes and frailty

From: Impact of frailty on inpatient outcomes in thyroid cancer surgery: 10-year results from the U.S. national inpatient sample

OR 95% CI aORa 95% CI
In-hospital death 26.993 13.958–52.203 3.839 1.738–8.480
Prolonged LOS 9.986 7.156–13.936 5.420 3.799–7.733
Surgical complications 5.027 3.999–6.319 3.144 2.443–4.045
Medical complications 17.363 13.790–21.863 6.734 5.099–8.893
  1. The significance value is shown in bold
  2. a Multivariate analysis was adjusted for age, gender, race, household income, insurance status/primary payer, admission type, procedure type, required cervical LN dissection, metastasis to the lungs, metastasis to the bone, smoking, overweight and obesity, CCI and hospital characteristics