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Table 2 Cost analysis comparing drainless superficial parotidectomy with SCM flap, gelfoam and facelift dressing to traditional superficial parotidectomy with drain placement

From: Prospective outcomes following drainless superficial parotidectomy with sternocleidomastoid flap reconstruction

Treatment Component ($) Cost ($)
Superficial Parotidectomy with SCM Flap and Facelift Dressing
 Surgeon billing 1453.74
 Anesthetist billing (166/h) 373.5
 Nurse’s fee (37.62/h) 84.65
 Operating room (300) 300
 Gelfoam and facelift dressing 9.41
 Hospital stay (1404/day) 1432.08
 Total 3653.38
Traditional Superficial Parotidectomy with Drain Placement
 Surgeon billing 822.25
 Anesthetist billing (166/h) 332
 Nurse’s fee (37.62/h) 75.24
 Operating room (300) 300
 JP drain 10.40
 Hospital stay (1404/day) 3088.80
 Total 4628.69