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Table 2 The SASS was based on the MTF classification

From: The prospective evaluation and risk factors of dysphagia after surgery in patients with oral cancer

The method of food intake (M score)
M1 Tube feeding is the only method of intake
M2 Small portions of food can be eaten, but tube feeding is the main method of intake
M3 Capacity to eat anything if the food is prepared in a suitable form
M4 Almost all food can be swallowed, but care must be taken to avoid aspiration
M5 All food can be swallowed
The average time for food intake (T score)
T1 Intake of food requires more than 50 min or is impossible
T2 Intake of food requires 35 to 45 min
T3 Intake of food requires 25 to 35 min
T4 Intake of food requires 15 to 25 min
T5 Normal food intake time, <  15 min
The group of the food that can be taken (F score)
F1 Only no viscous fluids can be swallowed
F2 Viscous fluids can be swallowed
F3 Gruel food can be eaten
F4 Soft food such as cooked rice or vegetables can be eaten
F5 Any type of food can be eaten