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Table 3 Performance Status Scale for Head and Neck Cancer Patients

From: The prospective evaluation and risk factors of dysphagia after surgery in patients with oral cancer

Eating in Public
 100 No restriction of place, food, or companion (eats out at any opportunity)
 75 No restriction of place, but restricts diet when in public (eats anywhere, but may limit intake to less “messy” foods, e.g., liquids)
 50 Eats only in presence of selected persons in selected places
 25 Eats only at home in presence of selected persons
 0 Always eats alone
Understandability of Speech
 100 Always understandable
 75 Understandable most of the time; occasional repetition necessary
 50 Usually understandable; face-to-face contact necessary
 25 Difficult to understand
 0 Never understandable; may use written communication
Normalcy of Diet
 100 Full diet (no restrictions)
 90 Peanuts
 80 All meat
 70 Carrots, celery
 60 Dry bread and crackers
 50 Soft, chewable foods (e.g., macaroni, canned/soft fruits, cooked vegetables, fish, hamburger, small pieces of meat)
 40 Soft foods requiring no chewing (e.g., mashed potatoes, apple sauce, pudding)
 30 Pureed foods (in blender)
 20 Warm liquids
 10 Cold liquids
 0 Non-oral feeding (tube fed)