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Table 1 Platform for Virtual Care

From: Virtual Care in Rhinology

Q1. Which platforms do you use to delivery virtual care during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic? (select all that apply)
 Telephone 100%
 Facetime 4.8%
 Telehealth 21.4%
 Zoom 4.8%
 Other: Medeo 4.8%
 Skype, Google Hangouts 0%
Q2: If you use more than one platform, which do you use most commonly?
 Telephone 95.2%
 Telehealth 2.4%
 Zoom 2.4%
Q3: Do you perform virtual care from your: (select all that apply)
 Home 57.1%
 Private Office 45.2%
 Hospital Based Office 52.4%