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Table 3 Boot camp simulators stratified by OHNS subspecialties

From: The Otolaryngology boot camp: a scoping review evaluating commonalities and appraisal for curriculum design and delivery

Subspecialty Task
Otology Otologic examination, microdebridement, myringotomy, foreign body removal
Rhinology Nasal cauterization, anterior and posterior nasal packing, polypectomy
Laryngology Microlaryngoscopy, bronchoscopy, laryngeal suturing
General Physical examination, Flexible nasopharyngoscopy, bag mask ventilation, jet ventilation, intubation, tracheostomy, suturing, knot tying, peritonsillar draining, post tonsillectomy bleeding control, lateral canthotomy, management of retro-orbital hematoma, tracheostomy care, laryngectomy care