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Table 1 Cost of da Vinci robot purchase, annual maintenance and, initial and per case costs specific to trans-oral robotic surgery

From: Development of a transoral robotic surgery program in Canada


Costs specific to trans-oral surgery cases

Costs of operating the da Vinci Robot··

Initial costs

Cost per case·

Initial cost

Annual cost

da Vinci-SI robot




Maintenance Contract



FK Retractor (Olympus)



Maryland Dissector (20 uses)




Cautery Instrument (18 uses)




Cautery Spatula Tip (10)









  1. · Costs per case specific to TORS as quoted by Minogue Medical 2010:
  2. ·· Costs of purchasing and maintaining the da Vinci Robot system were not specific to TORS procedures and thus were not incurred by the head and neck department.