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Table 8 Workforce Assessment

From: Assessment of the current Canadian rhinology workforce

Factors affecting delivery of care*  
 Prolonged clinic wait times 57%
 Delay in investigations 16%
 Prolonged surgical waitlists 63%
 Insufficient OR time 54%
# of Surgeons practicing rhinology  
 Too Few 18%
 Appropriate 68%
 Too Many 14%
# of fellowship-trained Rhinologists  
 Too Few 23%
 Appropriate 71%
 Too Many 6%
Training too many Rhinologists in North America  
 Yes 42%
 No 19%
 Unsure 39%
Too many Rhinology fellowships in Canada?  
 Yes 19%
 No 53%
 Unsure 28%
Advised residents not to pursue rhinology due to perceived lack of jobs  
 Yes 17%
 No 83%
Appropriate ratio of Rhinologists to population (median, mode) 1:500,000
Average additional required Rhinologists per region 1
Institutions currently seeking Rhinologist 6%
Institutions planning on recruiting in the next 2-5 years 31%
  1. *often or always.